1.)What is ISpeech?
ISpeech converts any text you type from any device into audio and the opposite way around (speech into text). When I looked up ISpeech there wasn’t too much information on it so I went to it and checked it out myself. When I got to its home page there was a blue box that said “Enter Text To Speak Here”. So I typed something random and clicked the little button under the box that said play. A woman’s voice filled my speakers and read what I had typed, perfectly clear. I was amazed at how clear the recorded voice was! So just to be sure I typed in something that I thought would be harder to pronounce. I typed “Shelly and Henry are going to Springfield Illinois to see all the awesome-tastic kids!” and it read everything right, even the made up word awesome-tastic. I messed around with it and found out that unlike other places on the Internet like Bing Translators or Dictinoary.com, that it pronounced things like PDA, OMG, LOL, and FBI. The other sites would just try and sound the letters out making it a blah of a word. So yes this impressed me.[1]

2.)Social/Personal Use
As I began to research more into ISeech I came across a video which is posted above. Its briefly talked about what it is but did mention something called DriveSafe.ly. DriveSafe.ly is an app that anyone can get on any phone. What it does is it takes any text message you get while driving and converts it into an audio with a real human voice. The man in the video says you can’t tell it’s a robot and he is 100% right. I believe this helps us in our every day to day lives. This program allows us to text freely without having to take out eyes off the road. Think about all the crashes that we are preventing. [2]
3./4.)ISpeech in Business/Educational
Although you can use ISpeech [3] for social and personal reasons, I believe it fits better in the Business and Educational world. I find its fits better because if you have a presentation to give and let’s say oh you have a cold and your voice is gone, ISpeech is there. All you have to do is copy the text you want and it will read it aloud to your audience. Also if you wanted to present a part of your speech of presentation then you can type it in and it will read it to you. Students can learn to take notes from seeing and hearing the presentation. You can share information verbally instead of reading all the time. [4]

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