Pleasant Plains High School Speech Class

The PPHS Speech class presents Digital Communication Tools defined, the tools modeled, and proposed uses of the tools for business and education.

One of the goals we have in Speech Class is to not only discuss public speaking and interpersonal communication, but also to prepare students for life after high school . Some of the lessons/projects will prepare students with skills necessary to:
  • work as a team
  • collaborate with partners in the classroom and from other areas in the United States and around the globe)
  • use technology as a tool in the learning process
  • analyze and evaluate
  • use problem solving skills to create/modify projects
  • fully support their ideas with specific examples from texts or research materials
  • communicate their ideas clearly

We need a graphic that demonstrates Digital Communication in the 21st Century - copyright protected images may not be used to create the graphic. 25 extra credit points will be awarded to the student who creates the graphic that will be used on the home page of our wiki.