MySpace is a social networking site. Its headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California where it shares an office building with its immediate owner, News Corp. Digital Media. Myspace became the most popular social networking site in the United States in June 2006. Myspace was overtaken internationally by its main competitor, Facebook, in April 2008, based on monthly unique visitors. Myspace employs 1,000 employees, after laying off 30% of its workforce in June 2009; the company does not disclose profits separately from News Corporation. Quant cast estimates MySpace's monthly U.S. unique visitors at 43.2 million. The very first Myspace users were eUniverse employees. The 100 millionth account was created on August 9, 2006, in the Netherlands. By late 2007 into 2008, Myspace was considered the leading social networking site, and consistently beat out main competitor Facebook in traffic. When Facebook launched new features in an effort to attract a variety of users, Myspace found itself in a continuing decline of membership. On April 19, 2008, Facebook overtook Myspace in the Alexa rankings. The site ranking of Myspace as of January 2011 was 47, as opposed to the number 2 position held by Facebook. Myspace can be used as an educational site in a few ways. One way would be that if a student forgot what the homework was for one of his classes then he could just go and get on myspace and he could ask one of his friends that has that class and he could tell him so he would what to do for class. this would work almost the same way in a work place you could find one of your employees and talk to them about a project for work or [1] something.

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