1. Hotmail is the largest free web base e-mail service and the largest e-mail community on the internet with 326 million users with 36 languages. It is operated by Microsoft. The first time Hotmail was launching in July 1996.


2. And that is why I am taking Hotmail topic. Hotmail is also used in many business. For example, my uncle's company " Suwijak Woods Factory" , They use Hotmail to communicate with another people in the company and their costumers. Because it is really world wide and it is free.

3. It has a lot of space to sent and keep many emails. The space is around 10 GB.

4. It has many function to communicate by emails, MSN messengers, Calendar, and also sharing photos. And more new features like Skydrive, Window Office Online

5. Photo and video can be viewed directly from the e-mail

6. Sweep Menu ( new feature ) we can also click " Move all from...", "Delete all from" . That is the easy way to move and delete the junk e-mails.

7. E-mail for business. Right now many people around the world use the internet and use e-mail. So in the business, we can buy something online through it. For example, I bought Sony Headphone in www.bestbuy.com they said i have to use my e-mail and sign up to buy it.

8. Follow number 7 - Hotmail has a feature to put the photos on it. So we can make the online store for our own by put those photos and videos.

9. I am the one who is using the Hotmail by Window Live Messenger, MSN Messenger. Last 2 years, ago I used Window Live Messenger to sell my BB gun to the costumer by using video conference on it. It is working like Skype but Window Live has bigger communication.

10. For the education, I always use Hotmail to send my homework to my teacher, English teacher "Mr.Nelson", Math teacher "Mrs.Nareeratanakit" and also share my group work to my friends. In my country, People are using Hotmail a lot more than Gmail and Yahoo mail.

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