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1: I chose Google’s Gmail for my digital communication tool for my research Wiki. Gmail is a free site for e-mails and it is exceptionally simple to use. Not only do you acquire the free usage of e-mail, but it is also very convenient because if you desire to look up anything on Google while checking your mail, you are already on the Google site. Gmail also offers several additional communication tools, which are not e-mail. These tools include a calendar, documents, presentations, and folders for organization.[1]

2: Obviously E-mails have replaced the good old fashioned postal service. G-mail is free, and there is so much space to store things it is basically unlimited. People say that it is green but that can be argued. Anywho, many people use Gmail for their personal and social lives. People used to look forward to receiving letters from their friends and loved ones, but now they can simply wait for the next e-mail update. Gmail offers it’s own version of chat and that can be lead into many people’s social life. It is easy to keep up with all of your friends if you catch them online and chat with them. The link below will lead you to a website called Social Life. The certain article I found talks about how Gmail can be used to organize one’s personal and social life. I’m sure many people highly appreciate that organization in their life[2] .

3:Gmail can most definitely be used by businesses. All businesses need a way to better their communication and Gmail is one of the easiest ways to organize communication. Google offers several applications that may aid a business in their attempts of communication and organization such as Google Docs, Gmail for business, Google Calendar, and Google Chat.


4:I have personally already used Gmail for my education. Teachers can send out e-mails to their students about assignments, and I could also easily collaborate with my peers about certain assignments. Google Docs is one of the most highly used aspect of Gmail that I have used for scholarly purposes. My peers and I can collaborate on one Document and achieve success with our paper or whatever we are working on at that time. I have also used Gmail Presentations to create a powerpoint for school. This is a great tool to use because you can access this information from any computer that has internet connections, which is basically every computer in the world. The other best part of gmail and education is that it is pretty safe to use. The information that we post for educational purposes is safe as in somewhat private[4] .

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