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1. I chose Flickr for my digital communication tool for my research Wiki. Flickr is a free website for photographers or those who want to share pictures and is actually very simple to use. It is a great place to safely post your photography art privately or publicly without having to worry. Flickr's technology help post pictures in their clearest form and in best resolution. You can communicate to other artist, friends and family, and fans of your photography through Flickr.
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2. Using Flickr can be an opportunity to get a little glimpse at a moment in a loved ones life, who is maybe just down the street or maybe across the country. Imagine seeing a picture of your little cousin taking his first steps or your friends 16th birthday. Seeing a shot of it is almost like being there. You can comment on pictures and user's pages, become "friends", favorite certain photos or albums, join all sorts of groups, and decide who gets to view your pictures and who doesn't.
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3. Flickr is an amazing tool for aspiring photographer's business. They can promote their photography and skill through the pictures they post. Flickr is a community of people who love photography and fellow photographers, which is a great place to show your work to an audience who will appreciate it. Posting your work and getting postive feedback can be ecstatic and open up a lot of oppertunities. Your picture might catch someone's eye and that someone might be able to launched your passion to a career. Even if you are not a photographer, you can use Flickr for business. Posting picture of products and activities can really excite a lot of people and get the word spreaded quickly.
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4. There are some incredible ways that Flickr could be used in education. Flickr could be used almost anywhere where visual images are needed, analysis images, virtual field trips, visual documentation of school events and student artwork and products, property rights lessons, and many more. Photography students could post their original work (such as my cousin Brianna does), school stores could advertize their products, school events could be "recorded" with pictures and shared for easy access, and the ways that Flickr could be used in business just multipy themselves. It is a greatly versatile tool. I
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