All students will collaboratively define what digital communication looks like in the 21st Century and how digital communication tools can be used for education and in business.

Digital Communication is a major part of the 21st century. Teens use it daily along with many other people. We use it in school, at home, businesses and many more things. It's alot easier to communicate with people. -Sierra

Digital Communication is one of the biggest things now, people use it every day. With the digital communication tools we have today, it makes it a lot easier to communicate. It doesn’t only help with communication but it also helps in schools and businesses. Without digital communication tools things would be a lot harder, I’m happy for it! –Braxton Lanier

Digital communication is a huge part of the 21st century. Most people use it daily. We use it in many ways. It can be used for entertainment, business, education, or keeping connected with friends/family. Digital communication is very important and it makes life much easier and more convenient.

Digital communication of the 21st century has been very helpful to the world! It has changed the way most businesses, schools, and individuals do things. Web tools such as Facebook, blogs, and Gmail have been a huge part of this change. Now people can do things faster and easier than ever before. I know it has really helped me get things done. -Haley

The digital communication tools that we use today are a huge part of our lives and society. We now have communication tools that keep up with our lives and needs and also keeps us in touch with each other. In the 21st century our relations in business are world wide. This would not be possible without the tools we use everyday. From billion dollar business deals, to saying goodnight via web cam to your mom who's away on business; these tools keep us connected at all times. -Caitlin

Digital Communication has changed how the world communicates. it has made business easier, keeping in touch easier, and teaching easier. there are many different forms and they all have a purpose in schools and business. it has made getting information much faster then in the past which makes everything easier.-Andrew Gedrose

Digital Communication is truly amazing! It has shaped us in so many ways! Facebooking, Blogging, Youtubing! The 21st century has become so much faster with tools like this. Keeping in touvh with businesses and friends around the world is as easy as a click! Its a new way to teach students to do work easier and more organized. We are learning so many things. Its just awesome! -Hannah Siehr

Digital Communication has been making its way more in more to our society. It's the new modern way for easy effective communication. Almost everyone is starting to, or already has some type of digital communication apart of their everyday lives. With tools like Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, and more, our lives are made so much easier, and also add a different type of entertainment to us. Thank goodness for digital communication! - Hannah Hergenrother

Digital Communication tools in the 21st century have aided our society to speed up our lives. With tools such as texting, e-mail, Skype, twitter, Facebook, and so many other programs, it is not only easier to keep in touch with people, but also easier to keep your life organized, whether it is for school, or for your work life.

Digital Communication has shaped the 21st century into a new, constantly updating society. With the digital communication tools that we now have, we can easily communicate with people, keep in touch, and keep your business running smoothly. It can be used for personal use or for business, and it is successful in both ways. -Mackenzie

Digital Communication is on the rise. With advances in technology, there is no saying what it might become someday. As of right now, digital communication is starting to get used more in the business and educational fields. In business, people can communicate much easier and much faster. Information and presentations can be shared more effectively. People can now become more up to date, and receive things quicker. Lastly these tools provide excellent organization for all ages. Children in schools and businessmen at work can keep track of their things in a convenient way. Digital communication becomes a bigger part in our society each day. - Will Frey

Digital Communication is the new way to talk. now wierlessly and faster then anything ever seen. it now can be done online, mobiley, and many other ways. they can be used for talking to people, keeping global corpperations coneccted, and posting information or anything for that matter all over the web or to where you want it to go! ~Kevin Aldridge~

Digital Communication is the new way to be able to get your word out. Since it is a great way for people to talk a lot of businesses and starting to use these social networks to advertise.It is also a great way for them to share and talk about information. It is now starting to be used in the classroom. It is starting to be a great way for students from different schools to talk and do work together. Digital communicating is being used more and more everyday.-Max McElfresh

Digital Communication in the 21st century is becoming more advanced than it has ever been. Our generation has grown up around technology so to us, it's really all we know. Things like Facebook, texting, email, and all the other advanced technologies are just another part of our everyday lives. There are so many ways they can be used in business and education. You can create a website for your business, you can use Skype to host meetings via webcam, have virtual meetings in Secondlife, and the list goes on. As for education there are just as many possibilities. You can use email or gmail, powerpoint to present information, document processers to type reports, and literally hundreds of others. Technology will be forever changing and so will our digitial communication tools.-Lynd

Digital Communication Tools in todays century has opened many doors for the world in education and business. Schools have become more and more aware of technology and how to use it to their advantage in the education of kids. With the world becoming so widely based on technology it is extremely important that students are taught how to use these tools now. In businesses digital communication tools sometimes make or break a company. They no longer have to travel hours by plan to a company business meeting, spend hours and hours on a presentation, or stay late at the office to work on a big case; with text messages, gmail, documents, and so much more, it is all at the tips of your fingers.- Megan Wavering

Digital Communication is the number one way of communication now. With cell phones, email, and facebook, this is how most people are keeping in touch and communicating. For school, you can look something up online for a project or make something like a wiki for particular class (like we are right now). In business it is also nice for keeping up with your co-workers and boss. You can make good friends with your colleagues with facebook, email, twitter, and much much more. It is also a good way to get your business out there and have other people find out about it. The world is pretty dependant on technology and digital communication now, and has changed business, education, and personal life forever. - Kara H.

Digital Communication is the newest way for people of this generations to communicate, learn, socialize, and express themselves. your able to use digital communication for school, work, and for fun! all with out being person with who ever your talking to. Its fast easy and covenant
-Katie HE

Today digital communication has become one of the biggest ways of communicating. I know that it is my friends, family, and my biggest way of communicating. It makes it easier to stay and get in contact with people from other cities, states, or even countries. This helps with business world so much because it cuts the costs and timte of traveling around to do meetings. People can use Skype, Secondlife, and many other types of visual communication to be able to have a more face to face meeting making it more productive. I see in the future almost all communication being done digitally if we keep going down the path we are going now. Although this shows we are progressing in the digital world this can also make our face to face communicating may start to lack. -Kirsten Foley

Digital communication is by far the new way of interraction and collaboration between individuals now-a-days. More and more people are becoming aware of the way to communicate. Schools are starting to teach the way of digital communication and are also using it in the everyday school lesson. Everyone is relying more and more on digital communications. It is a great way to intertact, express, and create oneself. -Shelby S

Digital communication is way way for people to talk to each through technology. It is a fun and exciting way for you to interact with each other. I like using digital communication tools by talking to people. - kyle o

Digital community = Social networking, Facebook, YouTube, Skype and even games online. It is the second community of our life right now. Because everything can go through the social network. For example : Business , new community, new friends and etc. I remember last 2 years ago. I played the game online that i had to create my own avatar ( like The Sim 3 ). I saw a big advertisement from Pepsi in that game. These are the awesome way to find the money. People are using technology so much. We use in the Army, Teachers, Students and every social even me lol. I have my Ipod , Youtube's channel, Facebook. - - - - - - Sorat Sukjaroen

Digital communication is good in the world because it lets us talk to people all over the world and communicate with people every where. It helps people every where in business and also in education if they have a project to do with people from different schools. Digital communication is growing and growing because there are more things that people are making on the internet so that we can communicate digitally. Blake Graham

Digital Communication is everywhere, and it's wonderful. You can use it at school, work, or for just your own personal entertainment. Digital communication has provided a bridge around the world making it possible to talk to anyone you want at anytime. I love this new technology. I love my ipod.

Digital Communication is a way for the whole world to be connected through the internet and other programs and devices that are new. There is an electronic tool for basically anything you need. Technology has taken over and simplified the business world, education, and most of all social. Now you can communicate with people all around the world without moving from your seat. Technology is always changing and improving, and making our lives more interesting and entertaining. -Macy Helm

Digital Communication is the key to unlocking a new generation of communicating. The way people interact has changed the needs for communication and technology is the solution. Everyday problems now have everyday solutions by the means of technology. When we educate young people in digital communication, it simplifies and adds needed knowledge for the new world around us. - Kristina Lowen