How to Use a Many cam on Chatroulette


1. The digital communication tool I chose was Chatroulette. Chatroulette is a website (www.chatroulette.com[2] ) where you can get on and talk, chat, flirt, or more with a randomly chosen person on a web cam. You can either stay and chat or click "next" and be paired with another randomly picked stranger. All you need is a web cam really, if you do not have a microphone there is always the chat available on the site to communicate.[3]

2. While searching for information on this particular subject it has become quiet clear that the main purpose for Chatroulette is social. Chatroulette attracts users from all ages, whether they are adolescent teens looking for something entertaining to do or eighty years old telling their life stories to anyone willing to listen, everyone to anyone uses this site for social use. As stated in the article cited below, an agreement for most users why they love to use Chatroulette is because they "get to talk to people I otherwise never would." Yes, unfortunately some people use this website as an opportunity to display inappropriate material, but you can simply click next until you find a stranger you would wish to speak to.[4]

3)There are multiple examples where Chatroulette can be used for business. An example would be Travelocity.com creatively positioned their logo mascot, the garden gnome, in multiple scenes with written messages taped to him like "wish you were here." By doing this they were able to advertise their business freely and with a wide source of people. Other examples would be wearing a companies name on a shirt, hat, or other items would promote their business and maybe some people would ask about the certain item and that would be a great way to get a business out there! Other companies have been know to hold contests. Another creative example would be from the movie The Last Exorcism.(The Last Exorcism) They previously filmed an attractive girl to get the attention of Chatroulette users. Then the girl appeared to start to undress but before she does she lifts her head up and her eyes roll in the back of her head as veins appear all over her face. After that the girl then gave a demonic like scream and attacked to screen. This left viewers stunned or scared where the movies website appeared on the screen. This gave them a free and unique way to promote a film never done before![5] [6] [7]

4. Based on the research I haved looked up Chatroulette does not really have a main way to use for education, but rather the idea of Chatroulette can be used in similar ways for education. An example would be a way to next or discuss topics for a paper, project, or something along those lines. Another idea would be just a random search on Chatroulette asking a specific question you may have and hoping to get an answer from someone. The problem with that would be though is first of all finding someone to take your question seriously would be difficult and time consuming, but also there is no way to know if the person is giving you the correct information. However though, because of the lack of examples and citations I am able to give, I believe that Chatroulette is really a break from education if anything and i would not advice teachers to allow there students to use this for classroom purposes based on the vulgarity some users of this website choose to show.[8]

Example of how Chatroulette might be used for education
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