What is a Blog?

A blog is an online diary with articles, writings, pictures, web links, or any other entry made by the creators. Blogs can be used for communication between schools, businesses, and even for personal use. It offers features such as a way to leave comments, an area with articles listed chronologically, and lists of other related sites. Sites also let you follow other bloggers, this way you are able to click on their page and view their posts. Blogging is a new, easier way of communicating and any age is capable of doing it.

Personal Use

Blogging can be very popular for personal users. Maybe people just want to express themselves and write to the world and know that someone sees it. Maybe they have written about something and want feedback from others. Blogging is a very easy way to communicate with others. It can even be used as a diary like setting for someone. Bloggers can also put up photos for family or other subscribers to see. Blogging just makes all of this easier for someone to share their life.


Blogging is very helpful to the school setting. It's a quick easy way for students to communicate with their peers and teachers. Students can blog about school related topics and converse with new ideas and happenings. Teachers can use this tool as a homework assignment. For example an English class may have just read a book and now he/she can have the students write reflections or post opinions of the book. Students can even put their own writings out and have their peers comment and criticize how they can make it better. Another example is if a school needs new teaching ideas students or other teachers can write their ideas and everyone can see the new ideas. I have personally used blogging for my speech class and we use it to write about certain topics and get a better idea of how things are used. I have even used blogging in my speech class. We blog mostly about digital communication and how it can be used.
Educational Blog


Blogging can be used in businesses for many reasons. It can be used to promote their new ideas and get feedback from others or it can be used to communicate to the entire company such as new schedules. For example if a new business has a new idea and want feedback on it, they can blog all about it and get feedback from their subscribers or just anyone. This way they can determine if the product could be helpful to others. Businesses can also share new information they have with the entire company with just one blog. This would make it a lot easier than just telling everyone by mail.

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