1. AIM is abreviated for AOL instant messenger. It is a messenging service that is avaible to you for free! Anyone can use it because you can download it, without being a part of the AOL service. It is quick and easy. All you have to do is go to aim.com and download the lastest one! Its a fun way to chat with friends, and a effected use for business and also in classrooms! It comes with many cool features. For instance, you can decorate and indivdualize your profile! You can do this my changing you icon, adding background, making a status, and much more! To be able to talk to friends, all you have to do is know their screenname, and send a request. Once they accept, you can chat them all you want. AIM is also quick and convient. It has features where you can download it right to your mobile device including: iPhone, iPod touch, Blackberry, and more! There is also a feature where you can organize your buddies. You can put them in different categories. This can help seperate you social life, from you work life, to your family.
  2. AIM is a great way to aid in your social life. Its an easy way to talk to friends, when you are unable to talk in person, on the phone, etc., or if you just want to have a quick chat! All you have to do is search your friend's screen name and send them a request! If you would like to keep all your friends in one group, you have the ability to do that. Just create a group called "friends" or "buddies" and select which friends you would like to be in that group. This way you can keep organized of your work, family, etc. AIM is also a cool way to express yourself in your social life. You can add indivduality by adding background, adding an icon, and more! AIM also comes with a feature of robots. Say you have questions about life, or something in general, you can download a robot as a friends, ask it a question, and they are able to reply with and answer. AIM is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest messenger. With this said, its easy to have a social life because alot of people have it, so you will be able to talk to almost anybody you want.
  3. Many businesses use AIM because its a great, easy, and effected way to communcate around the office. It is free so everyone in the office could get one and have access easily. All you need to do is request all your co-workers and organize them in a group called "work" or "co-workers". Like I said earlier, this makes it easier for you to stay organized between other things. This would be effected to use in business in many ways. First off, its quick and easy. Say you have a question that you need to ask your boss, instead of walking all the way down to his office and completely hault what your doing, all you need to do is send im an instant message. He or she will get it instantly and reply. Then all you have to do is read, thank him, and continue what your doing. The mobile access feature would also work well for business. I you are not at your desk at the moment, they can still message you and you can still reply, only through your phone or mobile device, still quick and easy! They also, have special robots that could be used to answer business question and more.
  4. Education is always making a change to keep up with our now digital world today. AIM is a great start and way to incorporate digital communcation in the classroom. You can do this by adding all your classmates and teachers. I would suggest putting them in a group called "speech b2" or "teachers". Once you have added all your classmates and teachers, you can use this to your adavantage in many ways. If you have a question on your homework or a project, just instant message them and your teachers should be able to reply to you immeidately. Another way AIM can be effect in the classroom is when working in partners. This way the two of you are able to commucate quickly inside and outside of the classroom. AIM also has robots that can be used in educations. There is one called StudyBot which can help you study. There are also many more than you can download that will help you with questions, definations, and also give you advice.

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