What is 321 chat? How can it be used for business? How can it be used for education? How is it used socially?

321 chat is a website where people can just chat away without any sign up. The official link is 321chat.com Our assignment was to look up a digital communication tool and explain how it can be used in education and in business.
Now I'm not sure how this website is effective for either of these. It is mainly a site where you just make up a nickname and start chatting away instantly. There are many different groups though. You have adult chat, teen chat, Latino chat, and so on. In the world we live in today I'm sure people don't go by those groups. They just pick one and start chatting away, but there are ways you can use this as an education tool. For education you can set up your own group and have people that you want on there. So you can make it private. This way students can discuss homework or whatever else they want on there and not have to worry about predators or whoever else that likes to play around.
Now using it for business is another story. I guess you can you the same tools, but it won't really be effective. This site is more of a hang out site, not a business site. So if you're looking for a digital communication tool that does both then this isn't the site for you. I would suggest diigo.com or Youtube.com

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Below is a video that a friend and I did to explain a little better what 321 chat is.